We are dedicated to provide your security and protect your privacy.

Please read carefully the terms below. This page together with the privacy and cookie policy describes how you can use the website and the service provided by us. It represents the contract between you and ProxyProtect. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions posted on the website you must cancel and stop using the service. For any questions or information please contact us at contact@proxyprotect.com.

Please note that the service is provided without warranties and with limitations of liabilities. Please read on for details.

1. Account Creation

You have to register on our website in order to create an account. This account will provide access to the proxy protect servers and you will be able to use one account on all your devices.

You can choose between the following packages:

Subscription Packages Cost
ProxyProtect - monthly subscription $8.95 USD each month
ProxyProtect - 3 months subscription $24 USD every 3 months
ProxyProtect - yearly subscription $89 USD every 12 months
Membership Packages Cost
ProxyProtect Trial 7-Day Free Trial
ProxyProtect - 1 month access $8.95 USD 1 month access
ProxyProtect - 3 months access $24 USD 3 months access
ProxyProtect - 12 months access $89 USD 12 months acess

Please note that the start date of the contract is the day when the account activation email is sent.

You have to register for our service with a valid email address. Please use this email address when you contact us because the service is provided by ProxyProtect to you as identified by this email address. You are solely responsible for all activities that are done through your account so please keep your account details confidential. You must not use the service for illegal purposes, to threaten, to harass other persons or to harm, damage, hack the service or other networks. You cannot sell your account or other accounts for the service we are providing.

2. Access to Other Services and to the Internet

Please note that the services that you may access via our service may require additional charges that you will have to take care of. By using our service you agree that we are not responsible for the full compatibility of our service with the websites, content and services that you are trying to access.

3. Disclaimer

The service is offered with limitation of liability up to the full extent permitted by the law. We provide the service as is, we cannot offer any warranties that the service will be without faults, uninterrupted, free of harmful components, of satisfactory quality or fully compatible with your devices, other services or content that you use together with our service. We reserve the right to change your account ID and or password at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to suspend your account or cancel your subscription without prior notice, without a cause and without incurring liability of any kind from your side.

4. Termination of service and refund

You can cancel your subscription at any time with a simple email request at our contact email address. You can also request a refund in the first 14 days after the start of your service without the need of a reason for the refund.
The suspension or termination of the account will not constitute a reason for a refund.

5. Contact information

For any information or for technical support you can contact us at:


We will contact you in matters regarding payment, your account status and in order to provide information regarding our service.

6. Privacy Policy

ProxyProtect provides a safe and secured service.
We do not share or make public any data. We basically erase the logs on our servers periodically as soon as they are filled. We keep short-term logs in order to be able to make the service work and to be able to offer support in case you have any trouble with the service. We also collect very little information about our users but we do have to collect this in order to be able to create and maintain the user accounts and in order to be able to communicate with our users.