1. How do I create an account?

You can register on our website using a PayPal account and a valid email address. You can pick your own username and password so that your account is available immediately.

2. How does the trial work?

All accounts have a 7-day free trial. This means that your first payment is scheduled only after the free trial is over.

3. Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no minimum term contract, so you can simply drop us an email with a cancellation request on our contact email address: contact@proxyprotect.com

4. When is the first payment processed?

Your first payment is processed only after the free trial is over. You can ask for cancellation any time.

5. What does the ProxyProtect account offer?

The account offers access to all our Proxy and VPN servers and you can use one account on all your devices.

6. How do I use ProxyProtect?

You simply need to configure your device to use one of our proxy or VPN servers. Please check our step-by-step setup guides:

And you need to authenticate your device using the following link:

7. How does ProxyProtect work?

Basically you have to change some network settings on your devices so that your internet connection is routed through our servers. This means that all your internet traffic will pass through our servers and you appear

to be wherever our server is located. As a result, your real IP address and location is no longer visible for other people or services from the internet.

8. What information do you store?

We do not store any information except connection logs for 3 days (troubleshooting purposes). We store your email address, username and password in order to be able to authenticate you on our servers. Without these details our service would not work.

9. Can my ISP see what websites I am visiting?

No. If you use Proxy Protect then your ISP will see only a connection to one of our servers.

10. How Can I Install Apps on my Android device?

If the apps you wish to install are not available in the Play Store, then please use our Android guide in order to install the apps you need on your device.

11. How Can I Install apps on my iPhone/iPad?

If the apps you wish to install are not available in the App Store, then please use our iOS guide in order to install the apps you need on your device.